Craft Fair Recap

8 Nov

The craft fair/fundraiser in Long Beach this weekend was awesome! It was a pretty chilly day, but thankfully we were mostly inside and for the most part we kept warm. There was a small group of musicians that put on an impromptu bluegrass/gospel show out front too, and that definitely kept my spirits high. I met some awesome crafters and fellow Etsy sellers and enjoyed getting feedback from people that took time to check out my stuff.  Since I mostly sell online through Etsy, I don’t have a ton of interaction with people in regards to my pieces. It was really cool to get to see and hear what people thought. And I’m happy to say I came home a few items lighter! My sweet husband also made for great support and company the whole day. I’m totally motivated now to be in more fairs and to get my stitchin fingers in gear for the holiday season.




World Series

19 Oct
  • Busch Stadium - St. Louis MissouriI Love St. Louis 8x10 Wood Block Art Print - Missouri City State HeartHand Iced Sugar Cookies St. Louis Cardinal Baseball Assortment (1 dozen)Pujols, St Louis Cardinals
  • I have a pretty strong connection to St Louis. I went to high  school there. I met my husband and some amazing life long friends there.  And of course I have my wonderful “in-law” family  there.  I might not be a native and I will admit I don’t really keep up with the Cardinals through the year, but I definitely feel some pride as the World Series starts tonight. Thus a treasury for all my STL peeps….check it out!

Book Page Wreath

18 Oct

I love Pinterest. A little too much. I can get lost scrolling down through endless recipes, amazing photos and clever tutorials. Sometimes I feel like they created that site just for me, so that I can get nothing accomplished in my day 🙂 But my addiction is getting better. And now I actually step away from all that scrolling to create something I pinned and intended to create. I plan on filling the entire hoop with flowers…or maybe just filling in one half of it. Either way….I guess this is my fall wreath.

Holiday Craft Fair/Fundraiser

18 Oct

So I’m getting things together and getting excited for my first craft fair in Long Beach. The event is to help raise money for mission projects, which is why I was so quick to jump on board. I’m still in the process of figuring out how to display everything, but I got really excited and inspired when I found this old green vintage suitcase for $7 at a thrift store! I was even more excited when I opened the luggage up and found that it was pink inside! (i Sewpose colors are pink and green in case I forgot to mention that part :)) So yeah, it will be awesome to get one under my belt, support a good cause, and meet some new peeps 🙂

Progress Report

13 Sep

Remember when I said that when I moved to CA the goal was to get organized with all of my crafting/embroidery junk…eh…materials? Sure you do. Well I’m not totally there, BUT…I’m getting close.  I found a great little desk at World Market (hello new obsession) and I am still in the process of giving every button and needle a proper home. I still have more things to hang, and I plan on painting the shelf on the wall red. But I’m glad to have functioning workspace. This is just in time too…I just got 2 requests for custom pieces 🙂

G is for Giraffe

9 Sep

New item

gray and yellow

31 Aug



It’s been a while since I’ve set up a new place. Forgot how long it takes 😉 But at least our bedroom is taking some shape. Just thought I’d share since there is some embroidery hoop love in here.